Maybe not so handsome, but at least I had fun!



Last Saturday, I went to Mountain Crossings at Neels Gap to sell and sign THRU: An Appalachian Trail Love Story. I was invited by Georganna (people just call her George) and Logan Morton, the new operators of the store. They were having a special day which featured my old friends, the Barker Brothers, a family bluegrass band who add fun to any occasion. There was also a pottery demonstration that looked great. I met Robert Sutherland who runs an AT web page known as which I highly recommend. He ran the attached photo of me hawking my book and referred to me as the “incredibly handsome” author. I think the portrayal was tongue in cheek seeing as how Robert and I are both men of a certain age, generously proportioned and bearded. But, what the heck, I still sold a bunch of books and made some good friends. Mountain Crossings is located smack dab on the AT. It is the only spot on the entire trail where the footpath goes under a roof. To go through the gap, you must pass under a breezeway. The old CCC-built building where Mountain Crossings is housed is known as the Walisiyi Inn. Walisiyi, as I understand it, is a native American term for “the place of the Big Frog.” There is a Big Frog Wilderness just over the Georgia/Tennessee line in Northwest Georgia. Makes you wonder if prehistoric frogs were the size of dinosaurs. Regardless, I had fun with George and Logan and recommend their fantastic store as a great place to get expert backpacking advice, all kinds of nice crafts and my book!  Stay vertical, you guys, and keep walking.


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