Memories of an Idyllic Footpath

I keep remembering back to last year’s trip along Offa’s Dyke Path, a foottrail that meanders nearly 200 miles along the border of England and Wales past Shropshire, Hay on Wye, Kingdon, the Black Mountains and dozens of other tiny villages, scenic forests and bucolic pastures and hills.

My hiking pal Jay Dement took this panoramic photo that captures a spot where the trail ran atop the dyke with pastures, hills, dales, trees and even a stray Shetland oblivious to a few passing hikers. What a way to spend a couple and a half weeks.

This year my thoughts run to a river trip from the Black Sea to Budapest which, I hope, will include some hiking and biking. Later on, I will go back and cross the Black Sea to hike for a while in the Republic of Georgia. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, spend an early Spring afternoon with me daydreaming about the edenic scenery of Wales.


4 thoughts on “Memories of an Idyllic Footpath

    1. Also consider the Dingle Way in Ireland and the Peaks of the Balkans in Eastern Europe as great adventure trails. But, Kelly, you seem to have no trouble coming up with great adventures yourself!

      1. Thank you. I do my best. I get travel fever terrible and I want to go beyond my own back door. I have been saving to go to Peru but it might turn into Borneo. I never know where I will end up until I book the ticket. Cheers

  1. You sound like me. I spontaneously grab opportunities when they arise and eschew the concept of bucket lists which do little more than create anxiety. Borneo sounds great. Can’t wait to read your impressions! If you get a chance, check out my interview on http://www.the2180

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