Way Down Upon the . . .well, you get it!

A few years back, I canoed with friends on the Suwannee River from Fargo, GA, to White Springs, FLA. Last week we added a century of miles on down the river from White Springs.

If you like to canoe, know this: Florida State Parks have set up a series of canoe camps, accessible only for canoes and kayaks and free for anyone who makes a reservation. A group gets to use a screened, roofed platform with lighting, a ceiling fan, power outlets, potable water, a picnic table and nearby restroom and hot shower facilities. A camp host keeps things in order and supplies needed info. The settings along the gorgeous blackwater river are quite beautiful.

The canoeing was easy — a few rapids, none of which were more than a ripple. The fishing was not good due to cold weather. But we did see enormous sturgeon leaping completely out of the water to equalize their air bladders.

We heard barred and great horned owls and saw bald eagles, osprey, belted kingfishers, vultures, hawks, kites, tufted titmice and many other types of avian life. Although we heard coyotes at night, we only saw small mammals.

I will soon be back on the trail, but a break in a canoe is fun. We shared the river with only a few people, and the whole experience was refreshing. Read THRU, stay vertical and keep walkin’!






2 thoughts on “Way Down Upon the . . .well, you get it!

  1. Loved meeting you. We loved your presentation at the Hike Inn Julie and I will volunteer again for two nights October 5 and 6. Hope to see you again.


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