A “Rockin'” Time at the Hike Inn

A while back I sent a copy of THRU: An Appalachian Trail Love Story to the editor of an award-winning blog titled Lady on a Rock. Go to http://www.ladyonarock.com to see this blog which combines great Western hiking commentary and photos.

Fortunately, Christy (trail name – Rockin’) Rosander thought THRU was a winner, and she also took me up on an invitation to see the Hike Inn. While visiting her son, Silly Chili, in Tennessee, the family took a hiking detour to Georgia to see the Hike Inn and explore Springer Mtn. Pictured above (from left) are Silly Chili, daughter Stealthy, husband Dan, Peregrine, Corinne Peace (Hike Inn GM) and Rockin’.

This hiking family were naturals to enjoy the Hike Inn, and we also had fun discussing THRU. Christy asked the question I often hear: “Which character are you?” The truth is that there is no character in the book based on a single person. All are amalgams of the many colorful characters I have known on the AT. Some are close friends, and others are people I met in passing who left indelible images emblazoned on my memory. And of course, some are woven out of freshly woven whole cloth.

But, I have to say that the alter ego in the book for myself would have to be the obese Captain Stupid. The Captain is that person I fear I would turn into if I did not stay vertical and keep walkin’ virtually every day. Walking and hiking are my favorite forms of redemption.

I encourage all of you to go see Christy’s blog. I am envious when I see how a skilled practitioner can combine good pictures, nice graphics, and great writing to make a blog a place to return to time after time.









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