Thru-hiker David Hiscoe Still Carrying a Big Stick after all these Years!

Hiscoe Rockfish Gap 1973

When I was an AT SOBO thru-hiker well over four decades ago, the fellow pictured above was somewhere behind me. He started hiking in the small cohort that embarked after I did and finished his own thru-hike adventure that same year, 1973. This photo of David Hiscoe was taken at Rockfish Gap just before he took a break to heal up an injury. Since that time, David has had a good life and a successful career. He will be visiting me in less than two weeks, and we will hike together to the Len Foote Hike Inn where we will swap countless stories about our adventures, a few of which may actually be true. David — like me — is a writer. His hiking-themed book is nearly ready for publication, and I look forward to telling you folks about it when the time comes. Meanwhile, stay vertical and keep walkin’! (Photo by Barry Arney, all rights reserved).


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