THRU: An Appalachian Trail Love Story Takes Flight!

THRU: An Appalachian Trail Love Story Takes Flight!

You can order a copy at Amazon, so take a look and order. I will update all of you on events surrounding the release of this book as I work with the publisher to make as much money as we can for the Appalachian Trail Museum up in Pine Grove Furnace, PA. The idea for this book was festering in my 21-year-old brain more than four decades ago when I finished the trail. You cannot accuse me of working too fast! I think you will enjoy hiking vicariously from Maine to Georgia with Sky Writer, Captain Stupid, Momma Llama and the rest of the thru-hiking crew as they make their way through 14 states. Please use all your communicative powers to publicize this blog and my Facebook page. I will be working with the publisher to carry out a guerrilla promotional effort to make this all work. I will post the back cover too, so keep blogging with me. Remember, stay vertical and keep walking. (Photo by Lorrie Preston. Design by Margy Schmidt. All rights reserved).


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