Stay patient my hiking chums!

THRU: An Appalachian Trail Love Story will soon be available.  Penned by yours truly, Richard “Peregrine” Judy, and published by the Appalachian Trail Museum, THRU chronicles the adventures of a diverse group of hikers who meet at Springer Mtn., the southern terminus of the legendary Appalachian Trail, and head north toward the northern terminus, Maine’s venerable Mt. Katahdin.  The book has been professionally edited and is now undergoing design and publishing pre-prep.  An e-version should be ready for sale by early fall at the latest.  All proceeds will go to the Appalachian Trail Museum.

Why am I excited? Simply because this is the culmination of a 40-year dream.  I left Springer Mtn. 40 years ago, after completing my own SOBO thru-hike, with a dream of committing to paper the humor, drama, pain, ecstasy and misery of an end-to-end AT hike.  Now, just one year away from completing the AT for the second time — this time as a section hiker — my 4 decade dream is about to come true.  So, wait patiently for this new book, buy it and read it.  Even if you are not enchanted by the story, which I sincerely hope is not the case, at least you will have helped the AT Museum.  You can’t lose!

Watch this blog for updates on the book, trail news, accounts of my trail and travel life, and observations from an old timer on outdoor education, adventure and life in general.




4 thoughts on “Stay patient my hiking chums!

    1. I expect the book to come out in e-book form soon, possibly in August. No definite date on trade paperback version, but watch this space on that date. It should not be too terribly long.

    1. Yes. That is the classic approach to a thru-hike, and I chose to avoid all the baggage of a SOBO hike. My kids and I — all SOBO thru-hikers — suffer from permanent brain damage as a result. I did not want all that to confuse the overall story. Thank you for asking, David, and thank you for supplying the photo of myself on Tinker Cliffs taken 40 years ago!

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